TEA Advocacy

Proposed changes to the Home Instruction COMAR

Dear TEA Families,

Recently, on his last day working at MSDE, Richard Scott sent an email (click here to read)  to a number of the people he has worked with on the proposed changes to the home instruction COMAR. In the email, he said that based on over 300 public comments received, MSDE has decided to propose the changes that TEA recommended to their initial language. These new changes will be presented to the MD State Board of Education at their next meeting, January 26. 

Thanks go to everyone who submitted comments. I am delighted that this decision was made so quickly and that we were informed of it well in advance of the next meeting. I know Richard was working hard to get lots of work completed before leaving, so we are especially appreciative that our COMAR matter was one of those things. Even though these changes now have to go through the same process as before, I am confident that the Board will vote affirmatively based on MSDE’s recommendation.  I again thank everyone who took time to understand the issues and send comments. I will keep you posted on these developments.   Warmest wishes for 2016!  ~ Wendy

Click here to read original TEA’s assessment of the proposed Home Instruction COMAR changes and read the full text of the proposed language.