MSDE COMAR Change Recommendation

The below is from an email received from Richard Scott at the Maryland State Department of Education regarding the recently proposed changes to the COMOR:

From Richard Scott:

The Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) would like to thank you for either sharing or encouraging comments to the proposed home school regulation changes. MSDE received over 300 public comments.The comments have been reviewed and discussed. MSDE realizes there are several issues and concerns that the home schooling community would like to discuss and address. We are only focusing on the current proposed changes. There is a regulatory process that will provide the opportunity to address the other issues and concerns. The following proposed changes, based upon the public comments, will be presented to the State Board of Education on January 26:

  •  A parent or guardian who chooses to enroll his or her child under § C (2) of this regulation MAY ELECT TO provide to the local superintendent or the superintendent’s designee a copy of a report card or transcript from the accredited or unaccredited college at the conclusion of each semester of the accredited or unaccredited college in lieu of a portfolio of materials for the courses in which the child is enrolled under § C (2).B. 
  • The home instruction program may include enrollment on a part-time or full-time basis in courses offered by accredited or unaccredited colleges with the approval of the supervising nonpublic school or institution described in § A of this regulation.

If the proposed changes are approved by the State Board, the regulation will go out for public comments before being published. If you have additional comments or questions, please contact either Mr. Walter Sallee at (410)767-1407, email or Mr. Michael Linkins at (410) 767-0769, email

I am officially retiring on January 1, 2016. It has been my pleasure working with each one of you. I wish the best for you in the New Year!



Richard D. Scott, D.Min;M.Ed, LCPC 

Section Chief

Student, Family and School Support

Maryland State Department of Education

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