The Excelsior Academy (TEA) serves families who are home educating their children, primarily in the states of Maryland and Pennsylvania. TEA also works with families living overseas who want to comply with their state's homeschool provisions and obtain documentation of their students' work.

Legal Compliance

  • TEA is a nonpublic entity registered with the Maryland State Department of Education to supervise the education of students enrolled in home education programs and verify compliance with applicable state regulations.

High School Credentials

  • High school diplomas and transcripts are awarded to students who meet the graduation requirements set forth by The Excelsior Academy. TEA also hosts the its annual High School Graduation Ceremony to recognize its seniors each June. 

Advisory and Support Services

  • In addition to supervising families in their legal compliance, TEA provides advising and support to its students and families that can include consultations and articles on methodology selection, curriculum planning, learning enrichment, problem-solving, and other aspects of the home learning endeavor.

Counseling on High School, College Admissions, and Career Exploration 

  • High school and college admissions counseling services are TEA's specialties. Translating a homeschool student’s nontraditional learning into a traditional format and navigating the college admission process is our forte. TEA is a member of numerous education and college admission organizations and works closely with students, parents and colleges to enable a successful transition from high school to college. Wendy has presented workshops at conferences of the Potomac and Chesapeake Association for College Admission Counseling (PCACAC) and the Maryland Organization of Community College Registrars and Admissions Officers (MOCCRAO), and regularly works with colleagues in higher education. TEA provides expert advice and consultation on high school, career exploration, vocational/career training, military enlistment, SAT/ACT preparation, standardized testing, financial aid, and all other aspects of the college and career transition. TEA hosts events featuring some of Wendy’s most popular workshops, as well as speakers such as college professors, admissions representatives, financial aid advisors,  career counselors, vocational-training experts, homeschool college students, and military representatives.

Resources and Opportunities for Enrichment/Development

  • Additional services include numerous resources and opportunities for students and parents, such as the TEA newsletter, Members Only webpage, professional development and training for parent/educators, college entrance testing preparation, student leadership positions, and more. 

Enrollment Options 

  • Maryland families can choose from three enrollment options depending on their needs and homeschool experience. TEA also offers an Associate Member option for families who want to take advantage of TEA's support services, especially its high school and college resources, but receive their legal oversight from their county board of education or another oversight program.